A Can Enjoying a Day at the Beach
In the eighties, it became quite the thing to avoid a certain number of ingredients that had always made soft drinks so popular. These included caffeine (although its presence in the average soda could be measured in parts per billion), sugar (although the various substitutes had more harmful side effects than sugar ever had), color (Pepsi, most notably, came out with a clear-colored version of its product), water (which makes you feel bloated) and flavor (which no one seemed able to agree on---witness the New Coke debacle).
Weasel Brothers©' researchers took the matter in hand, and after six years and 6341 focus groups, came up with the conclusion: People didn't really like anything, but they wanted it in an attractive package. So we set to work.
The result: Nada Cola™ - a refreshingly light beverage that contains --- well, NOTHING!
Originally sold as The Emperor's New Cola™, it remains one of Weasel Brothers©' best-selling products, proving once again that P.T. Barnum, the great American showman, was right.