A picture of that fine product, BLAM and some dirty old rocks and trees
Here at Weasel Brothers©, we feel it's time we said something: the environment is a filthy place! What's it made up of? Rocks, trees, animals, water, air and soil. "Green" types will praise this as if it's the most pristine thing in the world. But it's not! It's full of dirt! Matter of fact, the Earth is mostly dirt! That's why they call it Earth! And when was the last time you saw a bear in a bathtub?
BLAM™, another fine Weasel Brothers© product, got a lot of media attention a while back. We've always taken pride in the fact that BLAM™ "Never Stops Sudsing", but apparently, there are some "environmentalists" who think this is somehow bad for the great outdoors.

We see it a different way: BLAM™'s gentle sudsing action continues its good work after it leaves your home and enters the ecosystem, cleansing the rocks and logs in our rivers and streams, bathing the wildlife that wades in them, and giving a good deep washing to anything in its path. Eventually, it reaches the world's oceans, and by George, if the stuff you find in them doesn't need cleaning, we don't know what does.
So in this way, Weasel Brothers© and BLAM™ are helping make the planet a cleaner, foamier place.