Snack Things!
Kids are hardy types. Their bodies are stronger, heal faster, and can take more abuse than those of adults. That's what we had in mind when we came up with Weasel Brothers' Snack Things©. The Weaselco Chemical Industries© plant had a surplus problem when all that fuss about Styrofoam happened a few years ago. We had seventeen trillion cubic tons of Styrofoam ready to go, but suddenly orders dropped off.
What to do? The marketing geniuses at Weasel© realized that kids will eat anything; mud, worms, old lead paint chips. Thus were born Snack Things©!
Adding a bit of salt, harvested originally from the sea, fat from some kind of animals at the Weasel Brothers' Rendering Plant©, and a colorful bag made from some parts of a tree, we served up Nature's bounty once again, helping her out with our artificial coloring and simulated flavor.
These crunchy, chewy treats keep the kids' appetites in check, because they're virtually indigestible---and that means Junior will feel fuller, longer!

Snack Things©! Because you can feed a kid almost anything!