A sterling example of turning lemons into lemonade, Weasel Brothers© experience with Glarp!™ is a model of the ingenuity so vital to today's modern marketplace. New equipment installed at the Weasel Brothers© 4,445 acre Crud River plant malfunctioned badly on its first day. The result was that several of the packaging processes became crossed up, combining Weasel Brothers© Blam Detergent™, Lummox Instant Soup Dust™, and Hernia Boy Protein Powder™ into an unsightly 17-ton heap. Not wishing to waste anything, Weasel Brothers© Vice President In Charge of Spin Control, Fuzzy D. Oathammer, directed an underling to taste the mixture and see if there was any use for it. The resulting product, Glarp!™, was named after the noises the taster made in the washroom shortly afterward.