Sugar in kids' diets used to be a big thing, but with the introduction of so many cavity-fighting toothpastes, we at Weasel Brothers© felt any more worries about it were needless. Sugar gives kids energy! If a kid doesn't carom off the ceiling the minute he finishes breakfast, he isn't getting enough! Weasel Brothers©' Chocolate Frosted Sugar Flakes™ are made the same way we made 'em back in the fifties---when you were a kid! Maybe you remember having a bowl while you were watching one of our many popular TV shows back then---shows like Pug Sputum-Bee Rancher, Mayhem Showcase, or the still-popular Al Wonk-Three-Legged Detective. Remember the buzz you got? And gosh, wasn't it swell to run around screaming at the top of your lungs until your father threatened to kill you? Now your kids can enjoy all that fun, too. Give 'em a big bowlful of Weasel Brothers©' Chocolate Frosted Sugar Flakes™ for breakfast tomorrow, just before you head 'em off to school. Then they're the teachers' problem!