The careful browser may note parts of this site are pure crap. Really old-fashioned pages. Noisy backgrounds, lame graphics, dumb animations.This is because I started doing this page back in 1994, and back then (a) the technology wasn't very well developed and (b) I didn't know squat about doing Web pages. Also, I'm too lazy to improve the lamer, more technologically-retarded parts, and anyone who knows me can tell you I never throw anything away. Which is why I am living in what appears to be (to the untrained eye) a townhouse about to bust open from the internal pressure of books, electronics, and computer stuff. Many of which are rapidly becoming museum pieces.
But---this page will keep you busy for hours. Not that there's much to it; it's sort of like Cheez Puffs compared to real food. Pure bulk.
This is a selection of mental outbursts from a guy who has way, way too much time on his hands during the week thanks to the spasmodic nature of his job.

NAVIGATING: You get around the site best by using the map, which is located by clicking on the puzzle piece in the left-hand corner. Or you can click on some of the other puzzle pieces on this page. And then there are some pages that aren't accessible from either, but if you browse long enough you'll end up on them.
Now it's time for an old Doc's Web Page tradition: The Scrolling Marquee!

Remember Kids: Only users lose drugs.

(Note: The scrolling marquee is not scrolling, nor is it a marquee when you're viewing it in Netscape. It's just a big messy pile of words. It's just as bad in Opera.
Wow! You've finally got a reason to download Internet Explorer!!! And ignore those stories about how long the download takes. It's only about twelve years.)

Time for another tradition; seeing how many people have been suckered into looking at this atrocity:

according to The Web-Counter!
Over 30,000! Isn't that amazing!

Enjoy your stay and bookmark this site so you can check back often and say, "Jeez, he still hasn't updated the damn thing!"

We have two Dog Stories on line for no real reason.
How about a Stupid Java Trick?
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