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Doc Harris is a broadcaster, writer, and actor who has been located in Vancouver for the last twenty-eight years. He has almost forty years in the radio business. You'd think he'd learn. Here's just a small sampling of his speckled career:

Doc's Speckled Career

Radio Station
Reason For Leaving
More Money
Went Stereo
New Boss
Big Payout
New Boss
Big Payout
AM 1040
Station Went Broke!
No Payout
More Money
Possible Fatal Error
Mid-size Payout
CKNW again

Okay Payout

Okay Payout

650 CISL

"Didn't fit new format"
Okay Payout


What's This Page All About?

Typical Happy Doc Harris Listener
W ell, hmmmm. Let's see here. I'd been screwing around with Bulletin Boards, the immediate forerunner of today's Internet for several years, and when the Web came along, I was curious about it, but didn''t know quite what to do. Got myself an ISP and decided to put up a page (seeing as how the ISP gave you a free site as part of its monthly deal) Slight drawback: I didn't have the slightest idea of how to do it. I had met a webmaster whose credentials were impeccable at a meeting held by an old friend of mine. When I called up this old friend, she told me (kind of snottily, I might say), "He only does pages for corporations and he charges $2000." Of course that got my back up, and now strongly motivated by the Spirit of "Oh Yeah?", I learned how to program a Page. It took about a week to learn the basics from books and some excellent Pages here on the Web, and after all kinds of mind-numbing experiments and terrifying mistakes, I finally got to the point where I could put a Page together. Of course the first thing you learn is that the Net is ever-changing, as you might expect with something so closely married to its technology. This was back maybe three years ago, and the Internet has expanded tremendously (almost unbelievable that it didn't exist for the public until 1993!) Back then, we were all writing code by hand, still not a bad thing to learn if you want to get involved in this nonsense, but now the HTML standards have expanded, faster and faster connections are coming on line, and the tools! Today's HTML programs are so sophisticated and capable of so much it's almost magic. You never stop learning new stuff. Leastways, you'd better not.
What happened after I got the Page up was interesting. There was a mini-boom in Web Pages. Nearly every major corporation got one, and they are now consistently showing their everywhere. As a result, CEOs were saying, "Hey Finster! What's that http business at the bottom of the screen?" "That's a Web Site, sir." "Do WE have one?" "No, sir." "Well, then, GET ME ONE!"
Well, the gold rush was on. I heard one story about the former Art Director of a Major American Magazine qutting his job to go into the Web Page business and charging a large corporate client ONE MILLION DOLLARS for a site. I took it upon myself to apply a background in advertising and commercial art to this latest thing. And things went along quite nicely. Sort of. One client got into a big nasty fight with the ISP his site was on and had them take it down. Another one went bankrupt. Several others turned out to be Just Plain Nuts after I'd already done a lot of work on their pages.
One day it happened: someone figured out that a six-year-old could write code for a Web Site. And everyone started getting involved. More often than not, a potential client would turn you down by saying that his son-in-law was going to do up a page for him. Of course, he inevitably got a page that looked like someone's son-in-law did it. In the past couple of years, entrepreneurs have set up "boiler-room" operations with people who cold-call would-be clients and sell them a Web Page over the phone. It is then turned over to their crack staff of designers, chained to their workstations 24 hours a day, who use a set of templates to "design" the pages. Not a lot of creativity there, but they look tidy, and boy, can you turn 'em out fast!
That pretty much screwed it for me. I figured if some cybersweatshop can turn out a Web Page that looks relatively kosher for $400, they sure as hell aren't going to ask about my services, because I'm doing almost everything from scratch. That takes time, and time is money. Feh.
Imagine my surprise then when the worm turned and a lot of Web Site owners suddenly discovered their Web Sites suck! All those template sites, the owners quickly discovered, looked the same. Into the breach steps Doc with Home Page Renovations! So I'm doing all right now, profiting from the mistakes of others. Here are a few examples. Can you tell which are my renos and which are originals? Hah!
Check out Susan Long and Sharon Shore's Teletubbies site. Mitsubishi Canada. Apchexs.The Hang Out Place.Or the Brown Bros Ford site. Or, by golly, the Concord-By-The Sea site! Slick, huh? And I guess I'm serving in an advisory capacity to dozens of friends and acquaintances who are just getting into it.

But, hey, I'll make you a Web Page. Doing this radio and acting thing doesn't take up all my time, you know. And working on them is actually a lot of fun. Contact the Doc at Remember our motto:

Technology: no matter how complex it becomes, we can always find something silly to do with it.

Boy, what a windbag!

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