Yep, there's a lot of Web out there. With new pages being added every day, it's tough to find the good stuff. But here we have a treasure trove of the useful, the interesting, the deep, the silly, and the Just Plain Weird. (If you tried some of these links in the past and came away very frustrated, I'm not surprised. Some irresponsible site owners have changed URLs and just plain gone out of business. So I took a little time to update this page: changed some addresses, removed some dead sites and replaced others with those of similar content. Everything is okey-doke until those guys start screwin' around again.)

From Britain comes The Framley Examiner, another"newspaper" that proves we in North America don't have a monopoly on being nuts.

Here in Canada, we call it "hockey hair". Everywhere else, it's know by its formal name: The Mullet. At last it has its own Web Page: Mullets Galore!

My long-time associates at Griffiths-Gibson-Ramsey Productions have a knockout web site. Even if you don't need any of their damn clever and funny ads, this site is well worth the trip.

If you aren't using Netscape, you're not getting the full benefit of this swell page.

Here's something really funny. Ancient Doc Harris fans will find it reminiscent of The Harris Report. Peel open The Onion.

Then again, if you want to see the stupid balls at the beginning of each of these paragraphs line up properly with the text, you'd be best advised to use Internet Explorer. It knows what "absmiddle" means! (Also shows the snazzy marquee on the second page of this site.)

For Net software of all types, it's hard to find any place better than Stroud's CWS Applications List

Unless it's The Ultimate Collection of Winsock Software
Both of these have enough shareware, freeware, and testware to keep you going long enough for all your friends to give up on you

Monty Python has its own official Web Site after years of unofficial ones popping up. Hope you've got a fast server/modem. This thing loads itself at its own speed, so be patient. It IS very funny.

I accidentally discovered 440: Satisfaction one night. It is a positive mecca for radio fans. It put me in touch with some old radio buddies I hadn't contacted in years. The guy who runs it wants me to include his button. Here it is.

440: Satisfaction

Here's one of the old radio buddies I found. Lan Roberts was at KJR in Seattle for most of the sixties and seventies, then went all over the place: Hawaii, Taiwan, San Francisco. Now he's back in Texas and is still one of the craziest people I have ever been proud to know. Check out his page!

Lan Roberts and Jerry Kaye, two Famous Broadcasters, formed the Old Farts' Club, and made Doc the only Canadian member (and the only one that didn't work at KJR in Seattle). This is a true repository of Old Weird Guys In Radio.

Lost a friend? Want to look someone up in the US? Find a Person!

Potato potato potato.You can't help but admire a nice bike. It's Hog Heaven at Harley-Davidson

Then there's the Harley-Davidson Official Page, which seems to be...hold on! Isn't the site above the official Harley-Davidson page? What the hell?

Strats and Teles galore, all the Fender lore at Fenderworld

He's been making smash hit pictures since the 50's. He may be our greatest living actor. And you can find out all about this reptilian thespian at Barry's Temple of Godzilla.

Need some refreshment? Check out the Galaxy of Coca Cola

My pal Geoff Edwards was more than partly responsible for my getting into this Web Page nonsense. He is the proud owner of Lakeside Studios in Cultus Lake, B.C. He can record any noise you can make, and quite a few you can't.

Crazy crazy radio stuff from the Premiere Network---jokes, skits, goofy news stories. (Thanks to Paul Preston for this one.)

That Vancouver! Wotta city! Lived here most of my life and I ain't leaving! Here aresome views of beautiful English Bay from the world-famous Kat Kam! And hey! They got sunsets!

This may be the next wave of publishing. It's suck. Don't let the name throw you off. These folks have great take on all media.

Another online magazine with a bad attitude, this time out of Boston. ZUG! A lot of good cheap laughs you'll enjoy if you've spent any appreciable amount of time on the Web.

You can get in touch with The Doc Himself via e-mail to carp, bitch, complain and criticize this page if you must simply by clicking here.

One of the cable comedy networks in the US has its own home page, and it's kinda like MAD magazine on the net. Check into Comedy Central.

Looking for cheap, ridiculous crap? Sure you are! You visited this Web Page, didn't you? Here's the mother lode. Outfitters of Popular Culture, it's the Archie McPhee Home Page!

They call it the Rolls-Royce of Scotches (as opposed to that stuff you've been drinking, which they call the Moped of Scotches). Learn all about the best in the world---Macallan!

As long as we're on the subject of vices, why not fire up a big green stogie and take a look at the Cigar Aficianado page?

They're the king of them all, y'all! Tabasco has its own Web Page, and their range of merchandise is nothing short of amazing!

goldt.gif - 1.25 Khat's all the links you're getting out of me right now---hey, isn't that enough already? I've got tons of these, so check back. We'll be adding to them frequently. But don't hold your breath. Happy surfing, ho-dad!