An Actual True-life Radio Experience!

(Which, I Feel Sure, Will Clutch Your Heart)


I got to the car dealership early and met the man from the newspaper who was there to take a picture of me with the winner. There was a radio contest where you won trips as prizes, but if you didn't win the trip, your name was put in for a weekly draw. The winner of the draw got a new car.

So I was standing in the showroom when the winner arrived.

He was blind.

I said, "Hoo boy. This is a good one."

He had to laugh himself.

He went off with the manager and photographer, and I was left standing with his wife and son. The little guy was about two years old, and very well-behaved. His mom was holding him in her arms when his eye popped out.

It was a little tiny kid-size glass eye. It popped out. Right out of its socket.

It was sitting right there on his cheek.

His mother gently set him on the floor, crouched down, and pushed it back into his face with a wad of Kleenex, like this sort of thing happened all the time.

And I remember thinking, "He's got his father's eye."

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