I'd been serving the Chipotle Chicken recipe to people for about a year, and quickly discovered it separated the chili heads from the chickens. But one night I served it at my friend Carol's house and got quite a bit of entertainment value out of it.

One of the guests was a guy who said he had been the Swedish trade ambassador to Indonesia for a number of years. By the time the chicken was served, he was pretty well baked on booze. He ate most of his serving, commenting on its heat, but pointing out that he'd had peppers much hotter than this when he was in Southeast Asia. "Oh yeah?", said the more experienced hands at the table, proffering the chipotles from the sauce, "Maybe you'd like to try one of these."

Kids, you must never, ever, eat a whole pepper at once, especially when you don't know it that well. Always try a little bitty bit first and work your way down the pod. Our friend Lars, or Sven, or Borg, or whatever his name was, was out to impress his date with his macho. We offered that advice, but noooo!! He chewed the whole thing up and swallowed it.

And then the show began. It was like watching a thermometer set down on a stove. A visible line of red and sweat crept its way up his body from his stomach, making its way up his face. You could actually see the heat rising. Blobs of sweat burst from his forehead. For the first time all evening, he was speechless.

Now, you'd think that having ignored our good advice the first time, he would take it the second. "Quick, eat some bread", we said. "Drink some milk. They're the only things that'll stop the burning." Not THIS trade ambassador! He decided what he needed was more wine (a crisp Moselle with a hint of citrus, as I recall), and proceeded to chug a glass. Of course, that didn't work, so he had another. And another. By the time he finally cooled off, he was pissed as a rat. Then he decided to take his date home.

We never heard from him again. Hope it wasn't because he tried to drive.

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