Spug Flanaghan - His Story

Spug Flanaghan

Spug Flanaghan in a sombre mood, contemplating the meaning of life and the universe.

While the general public may think of UFOlogists as a bunch of raving loonies, they have to stop and re-think their opinions when they come to Spug Flanaghan. This serious young man has devoted half his life to the study of extraterrestrial phenomena, building up a collection of UFO photos that is unrivalled in the history of mankind.

Placing ads in tiny print in the back of over two hundred national and worldwide publications, Spug Flanaghan offered cash payments for any actual photographs readers could send him. The response was phenomenal!

"Quite a few of the pictures were obvious fakes", says Spug. "It didn't take long to separate the wheat from the chaff, though. The phony pictures were returned with a request not to bother us again, while the remainder were inspected for authenticity. I am proud to say that the contents of the Spug Flanaghan Archives are the pictures of UFOs that stood up to rigorous scrutiny by our team of scientific experts and also the ones of attractive young women with their clothes off."

But who is this Spug Flanaghan? What is his story?

It begins in Tripson Falls, Iowa, where a young Spug was lying in bed on a summer's evening in August. "I looked out the window and saw thousands of UFOs, banging against the screen, their tiny engines humming", he says. "My father said, "You idiot! Those are mosquitos!" But I knew better."

"From that point on, I was hooked. I immersed myself in UFO lore, reading all I could on the subject, but I didn't sight any more extraterrestrial objects until I was sixteen, working at the refrigeration plant. The day we had the big freon leak I must have seen over twenty of them. In the sky, under the table, in my lunchbox...it was incredible!"

At the age of 22, using an inheritance, Spug placed his ads, requesting photos of UFOs. He founded the Flanaghan Institute for the study of these pictures, and with the help of experts who were only too eager to help for the generous wage offered, confirmed that most if not all of them were authentic photographs.

"The experts said there was no doubt they were photographs", he says. "Knowing this, I had to share my knowledge with the world." The result? Spug Flanaghan's Authentic UFO Photo Page.

"I hope, upon seeing this concrete evidence, that the world will take this phenomenon, and also myself, a little more seriously", he says.

We wish him luck. Especially with the latter.

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