San Francisco, California - October 18, 1986 - A tourist, taking a snapshot of the famed Golden Gate Bridge, was amazed when he got his vacation pictures back from Fotomat; a circular object had been caught in mid-flight. This "pie-shaped" UFO seems to have an aluminum superstructure and a brown "crusty" top. Numerous "cuts" appear in its surface, obviously for ventilation purposes. At one end, a viscous red fluid seems to be leaking out, accompanied by round red objects.

The tourist returned to the "We Be Desserts" restaurant (just out of frame, to the right) the next day and asked if anyone else had seen the phenomenon. The hostess on duty said no, but asked if he was there to complain about the cherry pies the restaurant had been serving on the day in question. "Something wrong with them", she offered. "Some folks were actually throwing them out the window."

It's no wonder, with all that fuss going on, that no one noticed the UFO.

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