Alone it stands on a desolate moor somewhere in England---Dochenge!
A mystery through the ages, no one knows who built it and how. Or why. These giant granite jigsaw pieces are thought by some to be an ancient monument, perhaps built by Druids for their annual Spring Festival of the Arts and Poetry Reading. Others think it was built with some kind of government grant.

Lately, new theories have emerged, following the translation of an 1800-year-old hand-carved stone Web Page discovered during excavation of a new tube route in London. That Web Page, written by a tribe of Picts, contained what was apparently a link to another stone Web Page with the URL:
The Page is believed to have been run by an early disc jockey known to the Romans as Doccus Haribus, loosely translated as "the big bald git with lots of time to waste", whose habit of telling his jokes hut-to-hut in ancient Britain caused him to be burned at the stake in the 2nd century A.D. (It is believed that one of his ancestors is still using the same jokes today.)
Using an ancient .000001 BPS modem, the archeologists were connected to the mysterious monument after waiting six years for the download. So could Dochenge actually be a very very early form of Web Page? Who knows? For that matter, who cares?